How you can drastically reduce the cost of your diamond purchase if on a budget?

To the professional diamond merchant the underlying paramount principle is to offer clients the very best deal possible.

This emanates from vast experience in the field of diamonds subsequently viewing and grading diamonds almost on a daily basis equips the diamondteer with enough knowledge and confidence to propose just the right diamond.

Clients typically purchase and wear these dazzling rocks and feel happy about their acquisition and possibly pass it to their next of kin or as tradition has it they are ultimately passed down to younger generations. Whereas the role of a professional diamond grader or merchant is one of essence. The essence to contribute something of value at an unbeatable price.

The advice to clients should be unbiased and clear – based on facts


A few of these facts are the topic of this discussion but it will not be possible to go into great detail in terms of technicalities to keep it short and simple.

Size:Firstly a diamond appears on average 30% larger to the naked eye once mounted on the “right ring” which helps in expanding the face of the diamond so to speak i.e the top part of the diamond to the observer. An experienced technical team can advise which is the most suitable ring design. Thus if a client is seeking to purchase a 2 carat diamond it is sometimes advisable depending on the budget of the client to purchase a 1.60 -1.70 carat diamond as that will appear to the observer as a 2 carat diamond – keeping in mind again if it is mounted on a suitable ring design.

Colour: Secondly – once a diamond is mounted on a ring the metal of the ring will undoubtedly reflect within the diamond due to the reflective nature of the facets of any particular diamond. This can be taken advantage of by the client. Example: a 2 carat diamond G color or an I color diamond will appear almost the same once it is mounted on a ring. Realistically the price difference between a G color and an I color is quite a bit. Hard earned money saved saved again by the purchaser..

Clarity: Thirdly the point about Clarity. Not many people are aware about this particular fact and this is the “real money saver”. Mostly clients interested in purchasing request for a VVS or a VS clarity diamond. Those who can afford are welcome to buy. Unless one use’s a jeweller’s loupe which comes with a 10x magnification it is difficult to pinpoint where the inclusions are located. Definitely not with the naked eye – guaranteed.

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The twist comes when diamond professionals use their experience, expertise and a willingness to go the extra length to source (not with ease as possibly 50+ diamonds or more need to be inspected on some occasions) a diamond with a SI2 clarity that is eye clean and looks similar to a VS diamond. This really has an impact on price in terms of lowering it and the diamond is eye clean.

If one were to follow the above 3 steps with the help of a trusted professional diamond merchant with years of experience – one can seriously reduce the cost of the diamond of choice and yet have money left over for other expenditures…..

For further clarification of the 3rd point (Clarity) I have listed below for the benefit of our readers – the prices of different carat weights (1 carat & 2 carat) in G color with different clarities so that one can practically see and understand fully the impact of the price differences – which were discussed above.

The prices below have not been taken from our website BUT an online retailers website based in the US to give an unbiased perspective.

These are current prices as of today:

  • RD 1.01 Ct Very Good G VVS1: $7,620
  • RD 1.00 Ct Very Good G VS1: $6,535
  • RD 1.01 Ct Very Good G SI2: $4,540 (savings of over $3,000)
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G VVS1: $25,477
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G VS1: $23,110
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G SI2 : $15,895 (savings of almost $10,000)
  • The proof is in the pudding so to speak and readers should really start to evaluate what they have been told by jewellers in the past and weigh “in their heads” – what they have just learnt.

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