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7 most frequently asked questions when buying a diamond solitaire ?

As we have been in the trade for over 35 years and still forging ahead, we thought best to compile the list of the 7 most frequently asked questions we have received and answered during this time to clients who have purchased and then referred us to their circle of friends, family and work colleagues.

In order for us to be concise and transparent, below is the list of the 7 most asked questions and our answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to visit our website and enquire: The Solitaire Ring

Gold with diamond rings

1: How much is a 1 carat diamond in the UK ?

Answer: The price for diamond rings depends solely on one’s personal budget and their taste and preference. The budget varies from £695 to much much more if the client purchases a 1 carat D colour Flawless solitaire. The setting for diamond rings and more so the design of diamond rings contributes also to the price. Before we forget and become busy answering the question, being professional jewellery manufacturers and having been in the trade for over 35 years we simply do not manufacture diamond rings in silver. The reason is very clear as silver is not the “appropriate metal” to hold a diamond in place for years with constant wear. For authentic diamond jewellery manufacturing process only 18 kt gold and/or platinum is used. All our jewellery comes with a “lifetime warranty” so we need to be very clear about this.

platinum with diamond rings

2. What is a 1 carat diamond ring worth ?

Answer:  This is a very pertinent question as most of our clients used to purchase from their high street jewellers in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US. Since we converted them, they have not purchased from anywhere else, as we are One Stop Jeweller and take care of all their jewellery needs from A-Z. The diamond rings for sale, globally speaking, vary with different pricing across the board and also the cut for diamond rings is quite critical in this answer and most importantly the certificate, provided by the jeweller, who one buys from. Being manufacturers to over 450 jewellers worldwide with multiple retail shops, for almost 3 decades, our clients purchase from us what they want, much cheaper as our specialised team does its best to get them the best deal possible. With over 1.5 million certified diamonds to choose from, we have had our clients totally mesmerised of what we can offer them and at the prices we charge them, as compared to their high street jewellers. So the answer to the above question in regards “to the worth” is directly linked to which jeweller you eventually purchase from. For more clarity concerning this, please do enquire by visiting our website: The Solitaire Ring

price for diamond rings

3. How much does a 18 carat diamond ring cost ?

Answer:  The answer is relative to one’s preferences and personal tastes. Ring prices in 18kt gold be it yellow, white or rose gold depends entirely upon the centre stone, the solitaire, used. The carat weight, colour and clarity dictates the final price of the ring. This is why we ask clients what their expected budget is and then educate them as to what the planned budget can purchase. Most of the clients thank us profusely, as they are not in the know of certain facts and inside knowledge. Decisions are made then on the rapport between our gemologists and and the clients actual expectations. And the client is happy at the end !

diamond rings with gold

4. How much is a 2 carat diamond solitaire ring ?

Answer:  The worth of  2 carat solitaire ring is directly related to a large extent on the diamond shape selected.  As round shapes are the most expensive and Fancy shapes (the industry name for any shape other than rounds) are better priced. Gold with diamond rings or platinum with diamond rings are the best options to select and use, as they firmly hold the diamond in place for years. Our team selects Si2 clarity diamonds that appear as VS diamonds and that really helps in lowering the cost. This is a time consuming process undertaken by our panel of gemologists and diamond rings weighing 2 carats are offered at the best possible prices globally. Diamond rings with platinum come out looking better as the finishing is second to none and the finish look is extremely well presented. Diamond rings with gold are also the 2nd best option and are extremely durable with harming the diamond.

How diamond is cut

5. What should I consider when buying an Engagement Ring ?

Answer:  This is truly a very good question. So many people who are getting engaged have asked dhoti every same question. Ruby with diamond rings, Pearls with diamond rings, diamond rings princess cuts, diamond rings white gold, diamond ring bands have been offered as solutions. At the end, it really is a personal choice. Our advice is to firstly engage with your better half and see what is the budget you can afford, maybe stretch it a bit, and then let the jeweler know. We, as an establishment, do this all the time and advise our clients what is the best possible option for them after we understand what they are looking for and their preference. This always leads to our clients being extremely happy and they are aware of what is possible and what is not.

diamond rings for wedding

6. Which Engagement Ring style is best for me ?

Answer: There are so many options available today that it is mind boggling to say the least. Unlike other jewellers (online or retail), we assist any of our clients re-create any piece of jewellery they have seen in a magazine, on the internet or you can send us an image. As w believe in a be-spoke service as we mostly tie the knot once in our lifetime. So creating something unique is what we, as a team, specialise in and believe that every client has their own unique tastes and preferences. Diamond rings without prongs, diamond rings without holes are sometimes preferred as diamond rings for weddings. You can consult with our sales professionals and designers and get exactly what you want, if your budget permits. Knowing that no other jeweller can offer you what The Solitaire Ring team can !

diamond rings 2 carat

7. Can I finance an Engagement Ring ?

Answer: Yes you can ! In today’s modern world there are so many avenues of financing available from personal loans to credit cards to loans from family members which prove to be much cheaper. We as a company do not finance as our rates will prove to be too expensive and so leave it upon the clients own decision – as to what avenue they would like to pursue…

diamond rings without prongs

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