Our Company

With a collection of over 1,500,000 certified diamonds at any given time and state of the art equipment, The Solitaire Ring – Home of the Solitaire (Diamond Investments HK Limited) brings to you a more superior, more voluminous array of dazzling rocks..

Value for money is a philosophy we go by which allows us to offer our customers the “Price Beat Policy”. Our customers find value in our diamonds, as we find value in our customers. With 30+ years of experience and the continual examination of 50+ diamonds each day, it defines our growth and sets us apart.

Our team constantly re-invents ways by which we bring our customers the most competitive and affordable costing’s, in addition to a lifetime warranty on the purchase. Quality, on the parallel, remains high on our list of our priorities. The synergy remains constant, as we and our established manufacturers (cutting and polishing partners), believe in “precision and clarity”.

On the world stage, having gained the status of “Preferred Jewellers” by our affiliate partners, it is a solid sign that we are being recognised for our efforts and new avenues are opening up..

Our line of jewelry includes bespoke rings, pendants, earrings and more which are carefully priced and advantageous to our customers; compared to prices offered in the U.K. & Ireland by high street jewellers or any online jeweller. Along with the wholesale of diamonds and retail of 18 carat gold & platinum diamond jewellery, we also place our belief in a whole chain of functions that enable us to finally provide our customers with the best in its class.

We are humbled at being the premiere online jeweller in the UK and Ireland, and our wheels of motivation are constantly in motion, towards becoming trailblazers at the global level. We envision that our prized customers will stand to benefit at the maximum from our competent stature.

Here is a quick overview of our links of function, that come together to bring our customers a complete package of value

Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide customer satisfaction; which is achieved through our team of highly qualified and professional

Cost benefits

It is our core value. We leave no stone unturned in order to provide the best value for our customers.

Lifetime Appraisals

You can come to us for an appraisal at any point for any purchase(s) you have made, without any time limits.

Support and Expert Guidance

Our teams of highly qualified and professional gemologists are available 24/7 to guide and provide you with any support or assistance you may need.

Shipping and Delivery

We ship via Fed Ex, DHL and Brinks.


It is of utmost importance to us. Our aim is to provide high quality certified diamonds which are examined at every step before ultimately being sold to our customers.

Lifetime Warranty

At any point you can come back to us with any issues you may have.

Lifetime Upgrades

If you are looking to go larger/heavier in terms of the size and/or weight of the diamond, you can come to us.

Secure Shopping

We use encryption technology to protect your personal data at all times and to ensure that it is kept confidential.